Episcopal Urban Caucus Assembly in Minneapolis/St. Paul

March 13-16                                                                                                                  

by Mary-Fred Bausman-Watkins    

The Episcopal Urban Caucus Assembly is coming to town.

Since 1976, Episcopalians concerned with urban justice issues, the struggles of urban parishes and the need for strong voices that would advocate for them began to meet. Since that time and throughout its history, the Episcopal Urban Caucus has sought to retain relationships with relevant social change movements, within the Church and in partnership with ecumenical and secular communities. The EUC continues to be a forum for grass root discussions of, and proactive involvement in urban ministry and global concerns. It holds its annual Assemblies in such diverse locations as Seattle, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Buffalo, Charlotte, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Newark and Jackson, Mississippi and remains on the cutting edge of national and international social issues, particularly in South Africa and Central America. It continues to be in solidarity with the poor everywhere.


Join us on March 13 – March 16 when members of the Episcopal Urban Caucus will be coming back to the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area to learn more about Urban Justice issues locally. A full slate of workshops highlights issues of homelessness, housing, coalition building, community investing, immigration reform and how to keep the Gospel at the center of our work. Partners in this assembly are the Northside Achievement Zone, the Cathedral Church of St. Mark’s, Sheltering Arms, First Nations Kitchen, and the Family Resource Academy.

Andre Duke, the keynote speaker and pastor of Shiloh Temple in Minneapolis, will share his personal experience of why he joined the Northside Achievement Zone “Movement” on the North side of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He will discuss the need for this important community building work in North Minneapolis and give some statistics highlighting the disparities and issues faced by people living in the area. He will then move into the Northside Achievement Zone model to show how the disparities are being addressed.


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