Welcome to Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

28 05 2009

PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WEB PAGE AT http://www.holytrinityepiscopalmn.org/


Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, formerly known as St. Philip & St. Thomas Episcopal Church, worship service is on Sunday at 11:00 a.m. We are located at Epiphany Episcopal Church, 1636 Van Buren Avenue in Saint Paul. We trust that God is leading us to our new church home. Please join us on our spiritual journey!

Together, moving forward in Christ!

You can now make donations or your pledges online! Just click on the heart to get started.


The Right Reverend Brian Prior, Diocesan Bishop

The Rev. Grant H. Abbott, Theologian-in-Residence

The Rev. Dr. James N. Wilson, II, Priest-in-Charge




8 responses

22 09 2009
Dennis Danforth

Great job Janelle! So much information in such a compact format.

21 10 2009
Diane McGowan

You are such a gift. I am honored to have you for a friend.

16 12 2009
Susan Franklin

This is Great! You should get a picture of the priests in Stphilthom and post it here.

24 03 2011

I would like to invite families from your church to attend the first annual Bishops Day on Saturday, April 2, hosted at St. Mark’s Cathedral. Who can I send and email with the invititation to so others at your church may be invited?

25 03 2011

Please send the invitation to our church office at stphilthom@q.com. Thank you.

7 01 2013
Josue Nevak

“Our God will perfect the good work He has started in our lives, He is preparing us, shaping us and strengthening us to fight the good battle until the day of our Lord Jesus Christ, for He has found us, saved us, restored us, transformed us, and called us to bless us and use us for His glory and honor according to His will”.

4 02 2013
Christina McCann


4 02 2013
Christina McCann

Best wishes on your ministry and congregation. I met your Delegates at the state convention, and wished them well, then. I checked out your site because Diana posted she was there. Wishing you God’s blessing.

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